Humanized voice experiences.

Actual voice services can’t sustain a long and complex conversations with humans. We created a product using AI that we call, Conversation Chamber, which is capable of humanizing conversations between machines and humans.


Integrate with various communication and voice services. The technology of Conversation Chamber is capable of integrate various services in the market and Loud is constantly updating its products to plug new technologies and new players.


With the functionality of Tags and Experiences the process of creating an experience within the platform is very easy and takes away from the client the need for a highly technical development team. This way the client gains more flexibility, agility and saves time and money.


The Conversation Chamber integrates with the biggest service players on the market, leaving our product plug and play, without the need to restructure your company.

Our Product

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Cannes Lions

1 Bronze for Innovation
3 Bronze for Digital Craft

cannes lion

El Ojo

1 Grand Ojo for Creative Data
1 Bronze for Innovation

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Voice summit Award

Nominated Best conversation design 2019