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We’ve built companies from the ground up, served hundreds of millions of users and completed multiple exits


We received a challenge from one of the largest database of consumers complains in Latin America.

The challenge

To create an artificial intelligence that cancels services for you.

The problem

Actual Voice Services alone can’t sustain a long and complex conversation with a human.

How voice services are built today.

What do we need to know to start our journey ?

How can we build our knowledge base for text and audio ?

How can we solve the accent problem?

Our solution

So we created what we call conversation chamber.

Noise manager

So we've created a trigger which inserts and controls noises to make the connection

Quality manager

We monitor all information exchanged and we are aware of everything that is happening in the call full time.

Silence manager

We manage silent brakes to control and humanize the whole conversation

How the system works ?

Combining available technologies from various players we created the “Conversation Chamber”, a solution capable of orchestrate a conversation between robots and humans to assure the user have the best time and quality management for a specific experience.


4 Bronze Cannes Lions:
1 Innovation
3 Digital Craft

2 El Ojo awards:
1 Grand Ojo for Creative Data
1 Bronze for Innovation

Meet our Team

Felipe Almeida


Elio Capelati


Itagyba Kuhlmann


Fernando José

Software Architect

Edson Machado

Innovation specialist

Cristiane Rozan


Roberto da Trindade

IT System Architect

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